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SAPHO AXAMITE zuhanycsaptelep, zuhanyszett nélkül, króm

80.741 Ft (63.575 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 AX12
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 6 év
Márkanév: Sapho
Felszerelés Fali
Kivitel Karos
Méretek 150 mm
Szín Króm
Anyaga: Réz
Súlya: 2.94 kg


Wall-mounted single-lever shower mixer for connection to the shower column.
Pitch water inlets 150 mm.
Packaging does not hand shower and hose.

The battery is suitable for connection to shower column 990E (see. Accessory).

Very nice and modern design of straight and sharp edges is complemented by a precise curved curve. Thanks to this combination of shapes, this series can be combined with most bathroom fittings. The battery is sophisticated in the latest design details that you will be fully aware of in everyday use. Axamite is exceptional in combination of flawless design and user-friendly comfort.

Extended leakage guarantee for batteries

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Cikkszám: 06 065210092
37.991 Ft