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SAPHO CATA E-100 GSTH ventilátor, 4/8W, automatikus, o100mm, Ezüst

35.140 Ft (27.670 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 00900600
Gyártó: Sapho


Cső átmérő 4.00 W
Garancia 2 év
Márkanév: Cata
Teljesítmény 4.00 W
Zajszint 17.00
Méretek 150x150x94 mm
Szín Ezüst
Anyaga: PVC-Üveg
Súlya: 1.15 kg


Axial fan equipped with HYGRO

The E-100GSTH fan is two-speed, running at low speed all day long and ventilating the room. If required (at the instigation of the built-in humidity sensor or on the basis of the impulse from the external switch), the speed will increase and again after the ventilation it will be automatically reduced by the microprocessor.

  • Adjustable humidity sensor - from 40 to 90%
  • Adjustable electronic timer from 0 to 15 minutes
  • Elegant glass front panel
  • The board is backlit with a blue LED display showing the current temperature and actual relative humidity (in the room)
  • Permanently prevents mold formation (recommended wherever plastic windows have been installed)
  • Low power consumption - 4W (continuous operation), 8W (full speed)
  • Ultra-quiet - 17 dB (continuous), 31 dB (full speed)
  • Easy installation without screws
  • Degree of protection - IP44
  • Power - 36 m3 / h (continuous running), 90 m3 / h (full power)
  • Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
  • The motor has ball bearings
  • The non-return flap is not included. You can find the appropriate type in the accessories.

Top design

  • the suction suction, which is popular with the kitchen hoods, also goes into bathrooms and toilets (pipe noise does not flow directly through the fan into the room, but it strikes the front plate, part is bounced back and only a small part radiates to the side - has a beneficial effect on noise reduction )
  • possibility of wall and ceiling installation
  • for the E-100,120,150 GTH and E-100 GSTH, the board is backlit by a blue illuminated display showing the current temperature and relative humidity (in the room)

Easy cleaning

  • No dust grids
  • the glass plate can be easily removed, washed under running water and deployed

In the range of 3 fan variants:

STANDARD - activation by external switch in room (marking G)
TIMER - adjustable electronic timer from 3 to 15 minutes (GT designation)
HYGRO - Adjustable humidity sensor - from 40 to 90%. Adjustable electronic timer from 3 to 15 minutes. Display with thermometer and hygrometer (GTH).

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