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CLAUDIA fali WC 35,5x52cm, RIMLESS

58.480 Ft
47.871 Ft (37.693 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 10.609 Ft
Kedvezmény: 18%
Cikkszám: 06 71125364
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 2 év
Formája: Kerek
Kialakítása: Rimless
Szín Fehér
Anyaga: Kerámia
Súlya: 24.95 kg



Hanging toilet bowl CLAUDIA is equipped with rimless technology - not "classic" flushing. This is achieved by a smooth surface without voids and folds. The rinsing water flows only distributor of water from the back of the toilet bowl and thanks to the special shape of the pottery perfectly rinsed interior space. Compared to competitive products, the upper edge of a small bend to prevent possible leakage of water from the toilet bowl. Using this technology, the product receives high standards of hygiene and the possibility of using them not only in private bathrooms but also in the public sector (hospitals, offices, etc.).
Another advantage is a special system of mounting a bowl on a concealed cistern. Toilet bowl is fastened to the tank bolts through the holes for fastening the seat. This is achieved by pure design without any disturbing projections on the outer surface of the toilet bowl.

- high hygienic standard
- Easy maintenance and cleaning toilet bowls (saving detergents)
- distributor of water for perfect rinsing
- effective current conducting water during flushing
- Hidden fixing the toilet bowl for concealed cistern
- Net Design

Special mounting kit is included.
Spacing for mounting is 18 cm.

WC is supplied without a seat. Suitable types of seats, see accessories.

The WC is equipped with a new RIMLESS flushing technology - it does not have a "classic" flushing circuit. The rinsing water flows through the water distributor only from the back of the toilet bowl and, thanks to the special ceramic shape, rinses the interior thoroughly. A smooth surface without cavities and folds beneath the edge of the ceramic ensures easier maintenance and a high hygienic standard. Therefore, it will find use not only in private bathrooms but also in the public sector (hospitals, offices, etc.). Thanks to the special attachment system through the toilet seat attachment holes, the ceramic surface does not have a single interfering protrusion, creating a clean and smooth design.


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