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CORNELI falba építhetrő zuhanycsaptelep 1 irányú

26.590 Ft (20.937 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 CE41
Gyártó: Sapho


Felszerelés Falbaépített
Formája: ostatni
Kialakítása: Karos
Méretek 100x218 mm
Szín Króm
Anyaga: Réz
Súlya: 1.14 kg


Concealed battery design offers a clean solution shower. It is also recommended for smaller spaces. Her little depth does not restrict movement of the person in the shower.

Concealed single-lever shower mixer for 1 output

  • possibility of connection eg. on hand or head shower
  • without the installation of the body, the body battery is firmly embedded into the wall
  • package does not include a hand shower hose
  • exchange cartridges done by removing the lever

Straight faces that pass into the folded lines. These very different shapes can only be combined with the hand of an Italian designer. The classic wash basin and bathtub batteries are complemented by a concealed system and now an increasingly popular bathtub battery design. Thanks to these qualities, the line comes to the forefront of interest not only by end clients but also by interior designers.

Extended leakage guarantee for batteries

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