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SAPHO POLYSAN DEEP oldalfal, 900x1500mm, transzparent üveg

40.840 Ft (32.158 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 MD3315
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 2 év
Magasság (cm): 150 cm
Márkanév: Polysan
Profil(ok): Króm
Üvegtipus Átlátszó
Üvegvastagság (mm): 6 mm
Méretek 90 cm
Széria DEEP
Súlya: 27 kg



  • Side panel for installation with sliding doors, you get a screen rectangular 1000x900 and 1100x900 mm
  • Installation dimensions: 890 ± 10 mm
  • Variable design: DEEP sidewall can be used on the right or left side in combination with a shower door DEEP

Many of these shower screens and trays come from the Easy Line series. Shower screens have a reduced height and are suitable for installation on deep DEEP trays. The filler panel is made of a 6 mm thick safety glass.

Characteristic of the shower door for the DEEP series

  • Two-piece sliding door
  • The door can be installed in a niche or by joining the side wall
  • The top and bottom double bearings ensure trouble-free operation
  • Door tilt system with bottom bearings for easy cleaning
  • A security glass of 6 mm thickness is used to produce the door
  • Polished aluminum profiles enhance the elegance of the curtains
  • Easy installation, 20 mm tolerance by setting the glass in the profile
  • The doors are divided into a sliding part and a fixed part - they allow variable installation with left or right opening

The handy handle underlines the lightness of the whole series design.

Any irregularities in the wall gracefully hide the profile into which the glass slides as required up to 20 mm.

Seamless operation and easy cleaning are provided by double tilting movements.

Characteristics of shower trays and tiles in the DEEP series

  • the tray is supported, height-adjustable legs
  • Ideally suited for the reconstruction of bathrooms in panel houses
  • the bath has an overflow opening, so it can be safely inflated
  • the tray can be classically underlay or use PLAIN or TIFA lining panels

To clean glasses, we recommend CA-30400 cleaning and protective equipment - see accessories for individual screens.

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