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SAPHO POLYSAN FLEXIA öntöttmárvány zuhanytálca, 120x100x3cm

159.590 Ft (125.662 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 71563
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 2 év
Márkanév: Polysan
Szélesség (cm): 100 cm
Méretek 120x100x3cm
Szín Fehér
Anyaga: Öntöttmárvány
Súlya: 75.2 kg


FLEXIA marble flooring is the right solution especially when replacing a shower tray. The elegant design of the FLEXIA shower tray, combined with a stainless steel siphon lid, adds an unmistakable, original look to your shower.

Smoked marble shower floors, which can be cut to atypical dimensions, are the main features of this series.

  • The floor-to-wall construction allows it to be installed even in completely atypical spaces such as corners with cutouts, into irregularly shaped corners (bowl with bevel).
  • The shower floor can be adjusted to the required size. The Flexia floor section must be straight (curvature, bevel, cutouts), can not be cut into the radius (arches).
  • We offer floors in a width of 90 to 180 cm and a length of 75 to 100 cm.
  • Stainless steel cap size 150x150mm.
  • Standard design in white, can also be ordered in color according to RAL drawer for an additional 30% of the basic price.
  • Surcharge for every 1 dm cut according to the valid pricelist.

It is important to calculate tolerance for cutting accuracy when entering dimensions. Flexia shower floors are cut to the required size on a machine formatting machine with a tolerance of ± 2 mm per meter of cut. The subsequent cut of the floor is not visible.
The location of the hole in the siphon is fixed and can not be changed. Around the siphon, due to the strength of the floor, it is recommended that a possible cut of the floor should be at least 15 cm from the center of the siphon. Flexia must not be installed under the tile due to dilatation and must be covered (with building adhesive or silicone) throughout the area due to its strength.

It is necessary to order separately a special siphon - see. accessories

Example of an atypical cut: