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SAPHO GALANTA Zeus2 állószekrény 64x176x35 cm

309.691 Ft (243.851 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 1704
Gyártó: Sapho
Kifutás dátuma:


Cabinet additional side

  • on top of the glass door (frosted glass), inside two wooden shelves
  • in the upper part of the door inside the two wooden shelves
  • in the middle two drawers without a rail (can be pulled out completely)
  • the bottom two doors, inside two wooden shelves
  • Handles: White / Bronze

The furniture is supplied assembled, ready for immediate installation.

Retro style brings to the interior a tradition, confidence, memories of old good times and a warm home feeling. One of the biggest benefits of retro is the fact that it never goes out of fashion. People are returning to old things again because they symbolize quality that has surpassed several generations. Combining this Retro furniture with the modern elements of the day, you will achieve a complete interior with the luxury of retro furniture.

Material: Combination of oak, linden and tropical lilywood

Do not expose furniture to permanent moisture and water contact. Apply the bathroom properly afterwards. Use silicone sealant against any leakage of water into the washbasin.

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