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GELCO Sigma Fixfal, 800, Brick üveg

74.091 Ft (58.339 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 SG3678
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 3 év
Magasság (cm): 190 cm
Márkanév: Gelco
Profil(ok): Króm
Üvegtipus BRICK üveg
Üvegvastagság (mm): 6 mm
Méretek 80 cm
Széria SIGMA
Súlya: 19 kg


Variable right and left versions.

Mounting dimension 790-800 mm.

The price is only for the side wall. In order to create the entire shower screen, it is necessary to purchase a shower door. Suitable types of doors can be found in the accessories.

With SIGMA shower enclosures, great emphasis is placed on elegance, airiness, functionality and easy maintenance. Aluminum profiles in shimmering chrome and sophisticated metal handle will surely please every fan of modern style ( most of the doors can be changed to design others - see accessories). The filler panel is made of a 6 mm thick safety glass. The watertightness of the door is ensured by a vertical silicone and magnetic seal, and a unique TOPSEAL seal can be found between the tray and the screen. For easy maintenance, a tiltable travel system is used.
For glass cleaning we recommend a special set of PRO COMFORT and TOP COMFORT products .

Extended warranty for 3 years

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