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SAPHO Konyhai hulladék daráló pneumatikus kapcsolóval, 230V, 380W

142.490 Ft (112.197 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 MODEL56
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 3 év
Márkanév: Sapho
Teljesítmény 380 W
Súlya: 8.45 kg


Food residues are often uncomfortable and smell. By using kitchen waste disposers still remains your kitchen clean and hygienic.

In Sink ERATOR shredder waste M56 standard

  • output 380 W
  • induction motor, specially developed for waste disposer
  • Content 980 ml grinding chamber
  • anticorrosive treatment of the grinding chamber
  • Connection to the dishwasher
  • thermal fuse
  • Crushing elements of stainless steel adapted to possible jamming
  • quiet operation
  • installation kit
  • pneumatic switch (installed on the sink and connected to a grinder tube)

What is a kitchen waste shredder?
It's a built-in kitchen appliance, which is a good part of every modern home or mass catering operation. Using Crushers kitchen waste quickly and safely get rid of residues in food preparation and you fall so annoying and frequent trips to the trash cans. Leftovers throws directly into the sink and shredded waste is washed away into the sewer. During grinding it is necessary to use cold water, which causes hardening of fats and their subsequent wrapping on the other crushed particles, thus preventing the establishment of grease in the drain pipe. The cold water cools the engine while the crusher.

Crushers kitchen waste are:

  • clean
  • useful
  • silent
  • safely
  • easy to install
  • easy to operate
  • maintenance-free
  • saving on power consumption. energy

Be crushed:
the remains of fruits, vegetables, egg shells, poultry and fish bones, cigarette butts, paper napkins and filters

You can not crush:
glass, plastic, metal, aluminum foil, oyster shells,

Crusher installation requirements:
- sink is established with the opening 92 mm
- socket 230 V

- 35 mm hole required