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SAPHO GELCO LEGRO oldalfal, 700mm, transzparent üveg

85.491 Ft (67.315 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 GL5670
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 3 év
Gyári üvegfelület kezelés Coated glass
Magasság (cm): 190 cm
Márkanév: Gelco
Profil(ok): Króm
Üvegtipus Átlátszó
Üvegvastagság (mm): 8 mm
Méretek 70 cm
Széria LEGRO
Súlya: 28.6 kg


Side wall

  • can be used as a solid wall to the shower door. The price is just for the side wall. To produce a shower enclosure (square / rectangle) must be purchased shower doors. Suitable door types, see accessories.
  • You f you use the side wall while strut GOL120 (see. accessory), you can build a wall separately. Example of use in the gallery.

Installation dimensions: 670 to 685 mm
Design: variable, right and left

The elegant LEGRO shower enclosures are a symbol of apparent simplicity with precise design. In production, great emphasis is placed on the use of quality materials and detailed processing of individual parts. All-glass screens are not only handsome but also very practical. In order to keep the shower of your bathroom in the shower, the glass surfaces are treated with a special anti-scale coating. The rigid parts are made of 8mm clear glass and 6mm thick COATED GLASS surface coating. Shower doors to niches and rectangles are variable, so specification of left or right opening is not necessary. The new LEGRO range brings you a complete range of shower screens, for which we recommend cast-marble shower trays that underline their overall design and appearance.

The overall characteristics of shower curtains of the LEGRO series:

  • elegant brass hinges with chrome finish
  • clear safety glass with a thickness of 8 mm on fixed and 6 mm on rotary parts
  • COATED GLASS coating prevents limescale and facilitates cleaning
  • aluminum profiles with a polished surface
  • the wall profile makes it possible to compensate for wall unevenness up to 20 mm
  • magnetic seal in a transparent transparent silicone case
  • the chrome strut ensures the stability of the shower screen, allowing installation outside the corner
  • height 1900 mm
  • choice of 3 types of handles:

= handles standard (supplied), 2 types of handles available for purchase - see accessories

  • Extended warranty for 3 years

  • screens can be made up to a height of 2000 mm
  • it is also possible to produce solid parts of a quarter-ring shower enclosure so that an atypical quarter circle with the dimensions of 1000x800 and 1200x900 mm


  • a chemical compound of a polymer mixture that reacts with the silicate groups contained in the glass in association with the catalysts
  • a continuous layer of film is created on the glass surfaces to fill the micropores in the glass and repel water

How does COATED GLASS work?

  • due to the water-repellent film, drops of water clump and run off the surface of the glass
  • even if small drops are kept on the glass, COATED GLASS will not be chemically bonded, the glass will not be distorted and will not grease
  • however, the glass that is treated in this way requires occasional maintenance which is very easy and time-consuming thanks to COATED GLASS; we recommend a special set of PRO COMFORT and TOP COMFORT products to clean glasses

Tailor made screens

  • Variable tailored solution
  • Height up to 2000 mm
  • It represents a solution to almost every space
  • The price is increased by 40% (to the type with the closest dimension)
  • For more information, contact our support

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