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SAPHO POLYSAN MODULAR Fix zuhanyfal, L típusú, ajtós változat, 2/1-es modul, 800mm

94.990 Ft (74.796 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 MS3A-80
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 2 év
Magasság (cm): 200 cm
Márkanév: Polysan
Üvegtipus Átlátszó
Súlya: 40 kg


MODULE MS3 - Rigid wall (part A)

  • Installation on the wall
  • for connecting an additional rotating panel
  • installation dimension 753-773 mm

According to the dimensions of the part A, it is necessary to buy buckling:

  • the dimensions of 70-100 cm can be applied perpendicular strut MSBR1 or corner support MSBR2
  • the dimension of 120 cm it is necessary to use a vertical strut MSBR1
    (Suitable struts, see accessories)

To produce two-piece enclosure in the shape of "L", it is necessary to purchase an optional fixed wall pivoting panel MS3B (see. Accessory).

Characteristics total module MS3 - Two-part screen "L" shape - solid wall panel with the additional rotary

This module consists of two parts - A and B.

Part A:

  • It is a solid wall of clear glass with a wall profile adaptation 20mm for mounting to a wall
  • the floor is fixed with silicone
  • It is available in five widths

Part B:

  • the additional rotary panel with connecting profile swivel 180 degrees
  • the lower edge of the rotatable part is provided with a silicone seal
  • It is available in four sizes

Total module can thus combine 3 to 20 variants.

The rotatable part of the module 3 is provided with silicone
seal against leakage
Rotary profile 180 allows larger space vsupní

The modular solution allows many combinations of the position of the shower enclosure , examples of combinations here

The new Modular shower enclosure offers four glass modules with easy-to-fit profiles. Glasses are coated on both sides with Antidrop coating to facilitate cleaning. The glass height is 2000 mm and the thickness is 8 mm.
Depending on the dimensions of the glass, it is necessary to purchase the necessary buckle to ensure stability of the screen. The struts are made of stainless steel and can be freely shortened, the cut is hidden in chrome-plated end parts (except for angular struts that can not be adjusted).
The glasses are painted with an aluminum profile that adds a more elegant appearance to the screens, while sealing and facilitating handling and installation.

The wall profile allows a tolerance of 20 mm. The glasses are painted with an aluminum profile,
which adds a more elegant appearance to the screens at the same time
seals and facilitates handling and installation.

The screens are made of safety glass with a thickness of 8 mm

ANTIDROP - anti-scale glass protection and for easy maintenance

We recommend CA-30400 cleansing and protection agents for cleaning glasses.

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