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SAPHO Önzáró állószelep mosdóhoz

27.540 Ft (21.685 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 QK23051
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 2 év
Márkanév: Silfra
Felszerelés Álló
Formája: Kerek
Kivitel Kezelőkar:Ventil
Szín Króm
Anyaga: Réz
Súlya: 0.76 kg


With automatic valves meets all of us in everyday life. They are used in swimming pools, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, shopping centers and many other places. In their selection decisions mainly their functionality as well as design.

HOW DOES self-closing valves?
Automatic valves QUIK therein comprises a mechanism which after a certain time the water flow stops. Valve for basin about 15 seconds. Automatic valves require no power, work themselves through the water flow. Most valves only works on one preset water temperature. Water can be either cold or using a temperature controller fixed temperature lukewarm water (recommended thermostatic mixer for multiple collection points art.TMTCOM). Its use is mainly in public areas - such as swimming pools, schools, restaurants etc.

QUIK valves be installed only in conjunction with a filter!
At a pressure greater than 3 bar is recommended to install a pressure regulator.

Self-closing pillar tap on the sink.
The length of the water flow 15 seconds.
Material: brass.
Finish: chrome.

The valves can be QUIK parameters ie. water flow influence on the product without changing the internal mechanism.

When installing more pressure valves, it is necessary to calculate the loss of water pressure throughout the system. The water pressure at the inlet must therefore be sufficiently high so that the water pressure for all offtake points reached desired value.

Replacement cartridges AT90651. Spare set of seals and springs RI06000.

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