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SAPHO POLYSAN PLAIN 150, előlap, balos, 150x59cm

47.490 Ft (37.394 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 72597
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 2 év
Márkanév: Polysan
Szín Fehér
Anyaga: ABS/akrylát
Súlya: 2.19 kg


PLAIN - front lining in left or right design in combination with side panel PLAIN is suitable for all rectangular tubs Polysan installed in a corner. Smooth surface and form a modern look with tubs Polysan compact unit. Finds use wherever you can not pan or classically underpin the need for easy access to the tub (whirlpool system, the battery is installed on the edge of the tub, etc.). The panel can only be installed on the tub with the supporting structure. The front panel is connected to side by providing recesses at the joint, and Velcro strips for enhanced stability.

ATTENTION: The side panel must be ordered separately depending on the size of the tub.

Installation package is part of the panel

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