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VITRA LINE zuhanykabin, szögletes 1100x700mm, bal, transzparent üveg

341.040 Ft (268.536 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 BN7315L
Gyártó: Sapho


Extrák: Antidrop
Garancia 2 év
Méretek 150x100
Szín Átlátszó
Súlya: 57.65 kg


Frameless VITRA LINE hinged screens feature a modern design that will appeal even to the demanding customer. Narrow wall strips, sleek handles and minimalist hinges are perfectly matched and provide a unique look. The safety glass is treated with ANTIDROP for easy cleaning. Height 2000 mm, glass thickness 6 mm for doors and 8 mm for solid parts. Windows Decor provides greater intimacy when showering. Fine cubes guarantee easy maintenance and cleaning.

A practical addition is the possibility of gluing a square or round handle to a towel directly on the glass surface or using hanging shelves (handles or racks are not included in the screen). Shower trays are recommended for cast MICADOR marble or drainage channels. All these accessories can be found in the accessories.

We recommend CA-30400 cleansing and protection agents for cleaning glasses.

The overall characteristics of shower screens of the VITRA LINE series:

  • Clear glass or selected models with Windows printing
  • ANTIDROP anti-scale glass protection and easy maintenance
  • Oval or square handles and hinges made of chrome brass
  • The strut is included in the package
  • Easy installation with adjustable wall profile 0-20 mm
  • Aluminum threshold strip
  • Extra clear magnetic seal
  • Installation on a tray or on the floor
  • Meets EN 14448

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