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SAPHO POLYSAN ZOOM LINE zuhanyajtó, 1500mm, transzparent, króm

94.990 Ft (74.796 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 ZL1315
Gyártó: Sapho
Szélesség (cm):
150 cm


Garancia 2 év
Gyári üvegfelület kezelés Antidrop
Magasság (cm): 190 cm
Márkanév: Polysan
Profil(ok): Aluminium
Üvegtipus Átlátszó
Üvegvastagság (mm): 6 mm
Méretek 150 cm
Súlya: 50 kg


Revolving door in recess with a solid wall

  • Installation in recess dimension: 1 485 ± 15 mm
  • Installation dimensions with side panel 1480 ± 10 mm
  • Design: variable, right and left opening
  • Input: 620 mm

The slim design of the Zoom Zoom shower enclosures is sophisticated to the smallest details. Shower doors with square swivel profiles with lifting mechanism allow easy opening both inside and outside and guarantee maximum input width. The exception is the quarter-ring screens ZL2615 (90x90 cm) and ZL2616 (100x100 cm), which open only outwards.

The overall characteristics of shower screens of the Zoom line series:

  • Clear safety glass of 6 mm thickness
  • Surface treatment Antidrop prevents limescale and facilitates cleaning
  • Aluminum swivel profiles with a polished surface and an integrated lifting mechanism
  • Magnetic seals are hidden in aluminum profiles that give the screens a luxurious look
  • Height 1900 mm
  • Easy installation, tolerance up to 20 mm by adjusting the glass in the profile
  • Doors of 700,800 and 900 mm are one-piece and allow maximum input width
  • Doors 1000-1500 mm are divided into a fixed part and a rotating part
  • Doors can be installed in a niche or in combination with a side wall, allowing variable installation with left or right opening
  • The 1600 and 1800 mm doors have 2 fixed parts and 2 swiveling parts, only suitable for niche installation, can not be combined with the sidewall
  • Struts are included in the package
Specially designed handle
for comfortable opening of the door.
Flat Magnetic Seal
elegantly hidden in aluminum
profile allows you to open the door
on both sides for all models
door to niche and in combination
with the side wall.
Rotary profile in minimalist
version with lifting function
for a comfortable opening.
Clean line - Glass crosses the profile
on both sides at the same level.
Wall gaps are elegantly hidden
the aluminum profile into which it is inserted
glass as required up to 20 mm. Stability
glasses provide an elegant strut
with adjustable angle of attachment on both sides.

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