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SAPHO REITANO ANTEA állószelep, bronz

24.691 Ft (19.441 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 06 3206
Gyártó: Sapho


Garancia 8 év
Márkanév: Reitano Rubinetteria
Felszerelés Álló
Formája: Retro
Kivitel Ventil
Szín Bronz
Széria ANTEA
Anyaga: Réz
Súlya: 0.8 kg


Pillar tap without drain the cold water

  • package includes the flexible hose inlet

In retro style, you can now equip a whole bathroom, starting with, for example, this series through the Rectime bathtub, Diamond accessories up to Retro or Classic ceramics. The effect of the older patina can be enhanced by a bronze finish, in which we also offer all the accessories. In addition, for the enhancement of old times, the chrome / gold combination is also available. The new feature is a shower column with a massive shower head that enhances the pleasant feeling of the old days.

Important information for ANTEA batteries
You will find a spare ceramic top VIT003 for Antea batteries supplied from 10/2008 or VIT004 for Antea batteries supplied before 10/2008 .

No long rotation or regulation - turn 90 ° and open

Extended leakage guarantee for batteries

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